Valerie Timmons

Crestwood, KY, USA

Whether painting or taking photographs, Valerie seeks to capture a moment of serenity. Presently residing in Crestwood, a small town just north of Louisville, Kentucky, Valerie finds much inspiration for her photography in her own backyard. Her husband's green thumb provides a backdrop for many of her images of nature.

While photography has always been a passion, Valerie's interest in the visual arts was further stimulated by a group painting class she took in 1995. Learning to paint reinvigorated her photography skills, and she has continued to pursue both avenues of expression, sometimes combining the two in her hand-colored photographs.

Valerie's formal training includes a B.S. in Geology (Western Kentucky University) and a J.D. from the Brandeis School of Law (University of Louisville). She is presently an adjunct instructor at Bellarmine University in Louisville.

Books by Valerie Timmons