Karen Murray


I’m not famous and I’m not a celebrity. I am an ordinary lady who loves life and my glass is always half full! I was born in the 1950s.
I remember, flared jeans, flower power and the Beatles. I love R&B, Dave Bowie and Fleetwood Mac. Most days I take time to read. I love to spend time looking through my library of cookery books. I’m an eclectic mix.

My parents owned pubs, restaurants and a hotel. I have fond memories of baking cakes with my Grandma, and watching the chefs working in the family restaurant kitchens. That is where my love of food comes from. I have been around food and cooking all my life.

Life is short.......... whenever you can, eat well and take time out to enjoy a meal with your loved ones. Delicious meals should leave you with many shared happy memories.