Aggie Villanueva


Critically acclaimed, & represented in several galleries nationwide, Aggie’ been dubbed the Grandma Moses of the American Southwest. She utilizes digital photography & post processing to obtain a folk art style, & is dedicated to depicting truth & strength & purity & beauty that might otherwise be overlooked as simply a lake, or a gate.

Ever accused of seeing life through rose-colored glasses—of living in a fairy tale, Aggie began her love affair with the camera because she sees things others don’t, and longed to capture it. Yet she was disappointed when resulting photos didn't look at all the way she saw them. “I thought my camera was defective!”

Then, on the dawn of that glorious era she discovered “post-processing,” Aggie tumbled headlong into a means to allow others to see life as she sees it. Yes, life indeed is a fairy tale, if we are strong and pure and brave enough to preserve it as as it was gifted to us.

The Fairy Trail is real, folks.
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