Melvin Yap


Melvin Yap is known in the contemporary art scene as the modern day flaneur photographer. His attraction to the crowds and compulsion to document has set him apart as the eager observer. Melvin turns his unique eye towards the hidden compositions of the urban landscape. By looking at these neglected spaces, varying from abandoned highrises to decayed alley walls, Melvin asks the viewer to consider the beauty in bricolage. What does it mean to consider these photographs characteristic of the urban environment we live in? Should we embrace these products of consumerism and human neglect or negotiate change? How do we look at things inanimate objects as a part of society and therefore a part of our own being? These are the questions Melvin asks himself and the viewer to consider when they reflect on his work.

The geometric and abstract themes reveals the unseen rewards of looking closely. Melvin believes that attention to the mundane most often uncovers the spectacular and extraordinary

Books by Melvin Yap