Naomi Blinick

Woods Hole, MA

I am a biologist and photographer with a background in marine ecology and conservation. Having spent years working abroad, from islands off of east Africa to northwestern Mexico, my international experience has provided me with a deep sense of context and responsibility for communicating both the beauty and perilous condition of the environments I've worked in. Following up a two-year fisheries by-catch research fellowship at a biological field station in Sonora, Mexico, I spent the summer of 2011 traveling throughout the United States as an intern for the National Park Service's Submerged Resources Center, an opportunity provided by the Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society. Through my internship I explored diving operations throughout the National Park Service, and have been diving with park dive teams from Florida to Hawaii. I currently live in Woods Hole, MA, and run my own photography business.

Books by Naomi Blinick