Joseph Parascandalo


I began writing predominately in the genre of poetry but not at the exclusion of prose and essay formats, at the age of forty as a means to expunge the emotions years of introspection living as a gay man has derived. However, as the years past, now being in my sixties, the scope of my writing has broadened to reflect my thoughts, views and frustrations centered on the human condition we as a People of this Earth have succumb to under the duress of dis-associative political agendas, environmental destruction, global security surveillance and a host of other life-affecting issues. Interspersed throughout this collection too, is a body of work dealing with more esoteric and spiritual nature and aspects of our human presence and relationships. Too, a series of erotic poetry contained under the title NAYKD POET(ry) explores sultry and hidden aspects of gay sexuality with a sprinkling of general human sexuality.

Books by Joseph Parascandalo