Denise Silva

Leesburg, va

For me, photography is an extension of who I am and has been for a very long time. I find it meditative, creative, challenging, and rewarding from the associated travel through the visualization of a composition to the post processing and production of the final image. I can honestly say that my passion is to capture everything I see. I enjoy the natural world, with endless landscapes, waterscapes, and animal wonders, but am just as likely to be found roaming the city shooting street scenes, people, and “urban-cityscapes.”

One aspect of photography that I enjoy the most is sharing the experience with friends. Traveling with, shooting with, comparing with friends keeps me motivated and excited about photography, as I am constantly learning new things. To me, these experiences are inspirational and I believe they can elevate each participant’s photography to the next level.

Co-owner of Road Runner Photography Tours (

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