kye wilson & helena eflerova

Portsmouth, United Kingdom

The ‘Trimester’ art book encompasses Helena Eflerova & Kye Wilson’s collaborative project over an 18 month period.

Helena Eflerova is a professional self-employed artist who is actively undertaking commissions, exhibitions and events. Her practice encompasses live art, solo performance, audience participation events, site-specific installation, video and photography. Her research explores the direct dialogue between artist and viewer via visual pre-verbal language and physical interaction.

Award winning film and video artist Kye Wilson uses the moving image to merge the real and imagined, to evoke emotion. Kye has exhibited work in both cinematic and art gallery environments, nationally and internationally (UK, Spain, USA, Ukraine and Italy). He has acquired a variety of awards, commissions, exclusive/non-exclusive distribution deals; and his works been selected for broadcast on a variety of cable and television channels worldwide.

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