Nick Wass

Uk and The Netherlands

Nick Wass has been a guitar player for nearly 40 years and a collector of old Hofner guitars for nearly 10 years. He lives in Bavaria, Germany.

Harry Sibum, who lives in The Netherlands, started playing the guitar nearly 50 years ago and spent most of his working life as a professional musician. Recently he has retired from performing and now runs his own small business - The Hofner House - repairing and restoring vintage guitars.

It was at a meeting of Hofner guitar enthusiast in November 2008 that Nick and Harry got together and decided to write a book about Hofner guitars, but a book that would be different. No long technical treatise but instead something that would put the Hofner guitars into their time, the 1950s and 60s. Thanks to the internet the book was put together while they have lived in different countries. It took hundreds of emails to accomplish but was worth it in the end.

Books by Nick Wass