umberto torromacco

City, State, Country milano italia milano

He moved to Milan where he practises the profession of photographer. Being a reporter for weekly and periodical magazines, he has collaborated with Franco Maria Ricci, Fabbri, Rizzoli, Mondadori, Rusconi, Gualtiero Marchesi.He has achieved prestigious portrays published on Capital, Class, Gente Money, and photographic campaigns for communication and advertisement.In 1988, his career is punctuated by an important exhibition of photographic research on cultural themes, a broad repertory on Italian gastronomic tradition.
With the event of new technologies, Torromacco combines traditional photography and innovations in an information-multimedia environment, and creates the “Officina digitale” * to bring the figure of the photographer back to its original configuration of craftsman of the image; a craftsman capable of elaborating and delving into the product of the objectiv

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