Walter Iverson

Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Walter Iverson and his wife Susan live in Saint Louis, Missouri. Their three grown sons also live in Saint Louis. Walter has always been interested in art, and during the last part of his career as a professional chemist, he studied fine art photography for six years in the AFA program at Meramec College in Saint Louis, achieving a 4.0+ GPA. He has been practicing fine art photography since 2007. Walter’s work has been shown in well over a dozen juried art exhibits in the Saint Louis area and his artwork is represented in private collections in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Washington State. Walter’s viewpoint has been influenced by impressionist and pointillist painters (Claude Monet, Georges Seurat), abstract painters and photographers (Jackson Pollock, Freeman Patterson, Michael Orton), classic landscape photographers (Ansel Adams, Terry Donnely and Mary Liz Austin), and by contemporary fine art photographers in the Saint Louis area.

Books by Walter Iverson