About the Author

Norma Padro
Blurbarian Since September 2011
Name Norma Padro
My Web Site http://norma-padro.blogspot.com/
Location United States
My Occupation Author/Photographer/Artist
My Bio I enjoy writing, photography and drawing. I got into writing just for the joy of it. It’s something that I got into just by accident. It’s fun and it’s a hobby for me. I thought of many stories and wrote them down. I’m working on different projects at the moment. I will be publishing them soon.
I don’t have a preference for any type of work. I just write and publish my work on whatever category that describes my work whether it’s Horror, Fiction, and Non Fiction. I also write about fitness. I’m so glad I got into writing, because it’s something that I enjoy very much. Thank you so much for reading my work. I appreciate it.

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