Tu FotoAlbum


San Antonio, TX , USA

Brings Your memories to Life Publish a book.
That’s my motto and my commitment to you. I am very passionate about good design, photography, storytelling, and family and above all happy moments. That’s why I started this business, because I realized that from an early age I always take lots of joy watching family photos and albums time and again. They open a door into my family’s and friends’ past and present, places where I can always go back when I want to get in touch to most things that are dear to me. Now I want to share this experience with you so we can work together gathering all your wonderful lifetime memories to create spectacular photo books about you and the ones you love.
A travel, a wedding, or a child’s birth I am sure are moments you might want keeping forever. It’s time to tell your story, your way. It’s time to begin publishing your life’s books. I am here to help you with that. Let’s get started.

Areas of Expertise

I am Olga Lora, artist, engineer, tennis player and a passionate for learning and teaching. A few years ago I started Solufácil, a virtual space where I share may learning experience helping people to find simple solutions to everyday problems, especially with computers and modern technology. TuFotoAlbum, which in English stands for “Your Photo Book”, was born a few months ago as a result to some of those collaborations.

Books by Tu FotoAlbum