Ontoshiki Vun


Ontoshiki is a literal translation of the artist’s Chinese name into Japanese. He is of Chinese descent, raised in Australia but is currently based in Tokyo, Japan where he spends much of his time focusing on photography.

He is fascinated by. the cinematic, nostalgic, poetic, enigmatic, unknown, unpredictable, dark and sinister. Drawn to dreams, symbolism, the cryptic nature of photography i.e. the way it conveys moods and feelings beyond the need for lexicon and how colors affect mood and feelings.

Ontoshiki’s main themes include: life, death, angst, alienation, lust and love and the exploration of urban elements,environment and life and the human psyche and body.

He admires the Japanese aesthetics of Yūgen (a profound, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe… and the sad beauty of human suffering) and Wabi-sabi (transcience i.e. imperfect, incomplete, impermanent) such as fading autumn leaves, falling sakura petals and flawed beauty.

Books by Ontoshiki Vun