Bruce & Tamy Leventhal

Minnesota, USA

After meeting in the Mojave Desert during a field ecology class in 1987, we were inseparable. In 1990 we both earned our Bachelors Degree in Biology, Ecology, and Evolution and decided to move to Minnesota. Eloping in the Rocky Mountains during our cross-country trip, we have now been married for nearly 20 years. Today, Tamy is a Registered Nurse and Bruce is a high school biology teacher.

Love of nature, wildlife and adventure joined us in 1987, and these themes continue to dominate our lives today. As field biologists in the mid 1980’s and public employees today, we have been on a quiet quest to educate others about the beauty and fragility of our planet’s ecology. We use our photography to convey the unique evolutionary heritage, complexity, and geography of the Earth to those who enjoy our images. Environmentalists to the core, we hope that our pictures carry a message that inspires others to conserve and preserve the planet’s physical and biological diversity.

Books by Bruce & Tamy Leventhal