Pamela Calore

San Marcos, CA USA


The focus of my documentary work is my father Joseph Calore’s trucking company, Calore Freight System in the northeast. My research covers its beginnings, growth and ultimate demise from opposing factors, which include deregulation in the early seventies to disputes with the teamsters over pension funds, from the mid 1970s to the early 1980’s.

The documentary project is my best effort to meld the childhood memories of growing up in the environment of trucks, and the workers of my fathers company who were union drivers.

Having grown up within that culture my work has a strong documentary dimension and strives to highlight the importance of the working class in society today. My current focus is an investigation into the transportation industry along the NAFTA trade route. By using the mediums of collage, painting, video and installation, I hope to reflect working conditions verses capitalism in our society today.

Books by Pamela Calore