Jan van der Woning

Duivendrecht, Noord-Holland, the Netherlands

I wanted to become a photographer at the age of sixteen and became a professional at 25 when I got my grade for photography from the Dutch "Fotovakschool". I also studied at Hans Goetze, now the Academy for Photography. In 1999 he started to make 396 degrees panoramic images and the work shifted to editorial, interactive photography for website’s. I print my photos with the latest techniques and in the highest quality, mostly in large formats and sell them at artmarkets, galleries and museums. I am in private and the ING artcollection. Exhibitions were in the Panorama Mesdag Museum, the Hague Netherlands, Artkite Museum in Detmold and Photokina Cologne Germany, Macworld San Fransisco USA and artmarkets in Amsterdam (Thorbeckeplein), Bergen, Hoorn and Bunnik.

Books by Jan van der Woning