Lauriecell Du


I'll travel around the world,
dance with the tribes,
eat exotic street food,
sit with the natives and chill with them on siesta mode, smoke weed and sing "If it makes you happy... It can't be that bad" ,
get lost in paradise,
take pictures of a lion with flash at night,
cuddle with my dog at the beach,
roll here and there, pat a polar bear,
squeeze a jelly fish,
go bungee jumping,
try a parachute,
poke a blowfish,
dive on Angel falls,
ride on a cheetah,
Sleep in an oasis and scratch a camel the next morning,
take my lunch at Egypt while admiring pyramids,
Catch sheeps running around in Luxemburg (if there are),
cross a hanging bridge,
take Shrooms in Bali,
do wind sailing and be one with the sea

- I am all loose screws and cookie. I am about fun and adventure. I take risk and love every moment of it. I am me. I am Sheng.


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