Patrick Robineau


Over the years, Patrick Robineau has established himself as a visionary and an innovator, challenging the status quo for restaurateurs. In March 2010 Patrick started a blog on innovation in Food & Beverage called PSSSST! with the aim of inspiring professionals to think out of the box.
Patrick is renowned for motivating and leading by example using his humble approach, he has always been known to think beyond traditional boundaries.

With a real passion for Art & Design he has an eye for detail and understands the importance behind delivering excellence. He highly values individuals with ethics.

Patrick has not only acquired knowledge, he has also built relationships. YORB DESIGN was also founded by Patrick with the aim of re-creating the future of dining through aesthetic, func- tionality and uniqueness to stimulate the mind through visual and tactile experiences.
Patrick aims in collaboration with talented designers is to re-invent the way we eat and present food today for tomorrow.

Books by Patrick Robineau