Paula Clare Erhart-Clouse

Mt. Vernon, IL 62864

This book was actually written by my mother...I found a hand written copy in her personal effects after her sudden death. I felt it important that I write her words, and get them into she had taken the time and effort to hand write what is now on these pages. She never mentioned it while she was alive, leaving me to surmise it was intended to be a family "heirloom" once discovered.

Having these words in print is, for me, an inheritance to give to my children, just as it was an inheritance given to my sisters and me (We are named in the dedication.) Thank you for buying a copy, and helping me to keep my family's life, love, history, and memory alive. (You will see why the issue of memory is such a huge one for me as it was for my mother, and her mother, and her mothers mother).

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