Paul Chi-Chan Yu

Siloam Springs, AR, USA

Chi-Chan Yu was born in Taiwan on October 26th, 1986 and grew up in a small town called Shin-Wu. The characters in his name, “Chi-Chan,” mean prayer and praise. He added the English name, Paul, when his family lived in Florida for three months in 1996. The name stuck with him ever since.
In 1999, his family decided to move to the Philippines as missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translation. His family lived in Manila, Philippines for 7 years. Paul went back home to Taiwan almost every summer.
On the summer of 2006, Paul graduated from Faith Academy, the largest school for missionary kids in the world. He then came to the states to attend college at John Brown University as a cinema major. Paul is finishing his bachelor’s degree in May 2009. He has not returned home to Taiwan for three years in order to continue with his education and avoid being drafted into the military.

Books by Paul Chi-Chan Yu