Pen and Lens Journals

Chicago, Illinois

At Pen and Lens, we like to journal. A lot. Though we've found that sometimes generic journals don't really suit us for the information we want to learn and hold onto. That's why we created Pen and Lens Journals. Through research, testing, and personal use, we've designed journals for the things we love. From entrepreneurship, to art, we have journals that are specific to the things you love and want to learn about. So much of the learning process comes when we review, so our journals are designed to capture the most important information. We use our journals everyday, and if we don't have a journal for you, let us know and we may just design one for you!

Areas of Expertise

Journalling, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Branding, Entrepreneurship, Startups, Photography

Professional Affiliations

A Pen and Lens brand.

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