Peter Walls

Limerick, Ireland

Having spent many years as an accountant I now sing on the streets of Ireland for the sheer joy of living. I also write some poetry in my spare time. I have two beautiful teenage children, Genevieve and Robert who live in Dublin with their wonderfully loving mother. I come from a family of fifteen - eight girls and five boys with one mother and one father!

HAIRY LEMON AND JIMMY THE JUG is not my creation! I just brought the parts together insisting on a hard cover and premium paper to reflect quality.

The verse was composed 'on the spot' by my father Desmond P. Walls (deceased) and relayed in exciting weekly installments to us children back in the sixties. It has a very special place in my heart.

The sketches are the creation of ROSARIO CALLANDRA from Scicily. (Now living in west Kerry, Ireland)

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