Philip Hansen

Larkspur, California, USA

Phil is a 1967 University of Oregon graduate with a degree in Germanic Languages (1967) and a law degree (1970). He practiced tax law in San Francisco, specializing in state and local corporate tax, handling compliance, audit hearings and litigation in 50 states and Canada.

After getting "taxed-out" Phil retired to relax in beautiful Marin County, California and spent several years travelling to the parts of the country where there are no courthouses, and totally enjoying Europe.

He returned to the College of Marin in 2006 to study the Italian language and at the same time was talked into writing the history of the University of Oregon German and Scandinavian Language Department by the current department head. If he is to write another book, the public can rest assured that it won't be any time soon.

"The History of Germanic Languages at Oregon" is a scholarly, yet light-hearted history of the U of O's German and Scandinavian Department from the pioneer days to present.

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