Peter Bolton

United Kingdom

I am a professional photographer and graphic designer based on the coast of Essex in the UK. I make images for events, PR, and social or commercial use. When I'm not doing that I enjoy the challenge of getting out on the streets documenting real life, or when in a quieter mood making images of landscapes at home and abroad. I regularly exhibit my images in galleries and print fairs in the UK.

I have been interested in 'street photography' for some time, always promising myself that one day I would publish a book on on the subject. The result of that ambition was my first book, 'Bangkok Street Views - another side of the City'. This was quickly followed up by a documentary style book 'Beach Hut Life'. And now my third book 'Meetings With Strangers' Street Photography Volume One is published. 150 pages of what I hope are thought provoking images made between 2006 and 2011.

I would be really happy to receive your reviews and comments.

Many thanks

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