tom Wright

Seattle, WA, USA

Upon deciding which path he would take to pursue a career in photography, Tom Wright left it to fate, selecting the city of Santa Monica with the throw of a dart. His decision to actually become a photographer, however, was ingrained at a very young age.

Tom earliest lessons in using a camera were from his father, and instinctually he felt that piece of equipment metaphysically, as an extension of his own body. The process of taking a photograph in the wild, of waiting for a creature to emerge from the wilderness and capturing it on film, or envisioning an aspect of the personality of a place at a given time of day in a photograph made sense to him in a way that other artistic mediums failed to do.

In 2005, Tom left his hometown of Denver Colorado and became photo editor of Santa Monica City College’s Corsair soon after. His experiences led him on assignment to China, and locally to places that held personal significance like Dockweiler State Beach in Los Angeles.

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