Bob Finkel

Fort Lee, New Jersey USA

I am a retired business-person with experience in the catalog mail-order industry. I was born on the Lower East Side of New York and was then raised in The Bronx from age 5 until attending Cornell(class of 1961). My wife Anne and I have three grandchildren(all boys) ages 6,11 and 13. Anne and I have been fortunate to travel the world on hiking, camping, rafting and horseback riding trips.

I have been interested in photography for 25 years. Back in the '80s I was an avid tennis player and skier. I herniated a disc and was told that if I did not give up those "stop and go" sports I would probably require a back operation. Photography filled the void. I read many "How to" books and learned the craft. I taught myself color darkroom procedures and set up my own darkroom in a windowless bathroom.I loved the creative process and the expectation of awaiting the film process results. I also enjoy the outdoor experience. Most of all I love to travel with Anne!

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