Barbara Jones

Kyle of Lochalsh. North West Scotland.

Scottish Landscape Photography is my speciality ... the Scenic Isle of Skye is on my doorstep ! I take my Pictures of Scotland with a view to capturing the changing moods of the mountains and weather in all four seasons . The light here can be amazing, though very fleeting, especially on the ISLE OF SKYE - the gem of all Scotland . I also shoot Nature Photos , Travel Pictures plus a little Wildlife Photography ...some of my images are conventional picture postcard style, ( crowd pleasers ! ) while some have the 'full works' of Photoshop, HDR, textures, Layer Blending, Orton etc....Photographs for all tastes !
I have been taking photographs for 25 years, and switched to digital five years ago, using Canon Dslr's. I have been published many times, my work appearing in magazines, calendars, postcards, books, brochures etc., and many of my photos are used on websites, especially for tourism.
PhotosEcosse means very simply, Photos of Scotland. Ecosse is European for Scotland.

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