An Autograph of Time

San Jose, CA

I am a personal historian who has been in business since 2001, believing that each person has a story to tell. My passions are people, stories and photos. My process is to interview, write your story into a first person narrative, adding photos and documents. The layout and design is contracted out to competent designers with whom I enjoy working. The final product is a book to be treasured by generations to come.

Other than life-story books, cookbooks, tribute books, special occasion books, weddings, babies and vacation books, etc. are also possibilities. The sky is the limit!

Photos and short stories are another way to document a life and make beautiful books.

Let me help you organize those shoe boxes of photos, ready them for distribution and/or safekeeping.

Pricing is dependent upon the scope of a project. Please contact me directly to discuss the scope and pricing of your desired project:

I feel extremely honored to do this work.

Areas of Expertise

Interviewing - developing a rapport with the client that enables them to more freely open up. I think its called, building a trust.

Photos - I am passionate about photos and documents. "A picture's worth a thousand words." I can also help you categorize, sort, preserve and document your photos.

Transcribing my and other people's work is another one of my skills. Many find this task cumbersome - I love transcribing and/or putting hand written documents or stories into a digital file.

Professional Affiliations

I am a member and past board member of APH, The Association of Personal Historians, Inc., an international organization of 500+ members whose purpose is twofold: to introduce personal history to the public, along with providing professional support and training to its members.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of APH, please check out their website at

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