David Pierce

California, USA

I have been a photographer since the age of 10. While I don't make a living at it, as a paying hobby it has funded most of my equipment over the years.

With the advent of digital, I have found new inspiration and am pursuing my hobby with renewed enthusiasm.

I have sold prints and done some commercial work over the years, but Blurb books have provided me with a new medium to share my view of the world.

My first book is about cruising which Kimberlee, my wife of 33 years, and I have used to explore the world since the early '90s. It won't be the last! Blurb books are fun to create and the final product is a wonderful way to document whatever is important to you. So much easier than scrap-booking and you don't run out of walls to hang pictures on!

Go out and get inspired!

Books by David Pierce