Pedro Moura Pinheiro

Lisbon, Portugal

I started taking photos when I was around 8 or 9, with those little Kodak cameras with 110 film, and later on my mother lent me her Asahi Pentax K1000 and gave me a crash course on apertures and speeds. As a teenager, I never really got into it, due to the high cost of the film and prints, and my lack of discipline in teaching myself.

Back in 2000, with the dawn of the digital photography, I came back into photography. Digital is wonderful for learning: shoot, see, correct, shoot, repeat. Since then I've been very happy exploring the world around me, developing both my technical skills and my aesthetic sensibilities, trying to find what kind of photography I like the most. Fortunately, I still haven't found it, and I'm happy with the situation, as I never get bored doing a few genres or using only the techniques I know.

Please drop me a note at info@pedromourapinheiro.com, I'd love hearing from you!

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