Ted Preuss


Ted Preuss (b. 1962) was born in Colorado. Since an early age photography has always played a large part of his life. Preuss is self-taught, but has refined his art with a few courses on the technical aspects of photography. As a long time architectural photographer in San Francisco, Preuss was looking for an outlet for his creativity. However, it was only recently in Chicago where he resides now that he was able to achieve a long-time goal to pursue fine art. Preuss draws inspiration from vintage and classical art. Consequently the images he captures have a distinct vintage feel about them.

Preuss uses traditional techniques, including a large format view camera with century old lenses. The process of making prints is as important to him as the practice of creating photographs. Preuss chose platinum-palladium as a medium for its distinct vintage quality and archival properties, they beautifully revealing shadows and dark values within the images.

Books by Ted Preuss