Mandy Daniels


I love to create connections and amplify beauty in the world. Seeing the world through a lens is an interactive meditation, a dance of shape, line, texture, colour, a visceral sense of flow, a lighthearted moment of feeling truly alive. I've been teaching yoga for many years and love the feeling, the being, of flow... And you know how a dog can get so excited when you come home they're shaking and wagging and you're the hottest thing since lunch and it's all for real... Well, I'm on to something that feels like the best combo of yoga flow and for-real passion - it's seeing the world through a lens, being called forth by light.. and it feels great. So I'm following the call and traveling, taking pictures, making books, writing and playing music, doing yoga and making friends... Inviting you to let your dream breathe, and to see the world through a creative lens... Prior to this I did pretty much a lot of the same... You can check out www.feelinfree.com for more!

Books by Mandy Daniels