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pamela van kirk
Blurbarian Since November 2010
Name pamela van kirk
My Web Site www.pamelavankirk.com
Location Earth
Gender Female
My Occupation artist
My Bio Creative I am, Creative I'll be.......I cannot stop being creative. I cannot turn off the imagination.
As I get older the stories increase. Stories based on real life, the only one I know and remember. Now multiply that by 7 billion, all the minds and memories of all the people on the planet Earth. It is almost enough to intimidate me and yet I am still alive, even after a near death experience, and always creating.
"Celebrating Creativity" was made as a documentation of my art with descriptions, dimensions and prices, things my mind refuses to recall without reference. It is a bit of insight into the mind of the artist, full of beautiful reproductions of original art.
"Who Am I?" follows suit but begins to ad more personal information while encouraging others to ASK themselves that very question: who am I? It is truly our purpose as humans.
"Just This" gets even more personal as it adds a section about the near death experience. Death is ever approaching so LIVE!

Things I Don't Mind The World Knowing

Spoiler alert: I'm thinking my next book will be about...
The next book is an auto biography in journal format. Truly inside the artist and her life as she moves from scene to scene, relating to others around her, those who influenced her or silently attacked her. Many of the characters, all real, have that deep desire to 'run,' which is why the book is titled "Run Bitch, Run."
Everyone needs to know about these authors and artists...
Pamela has just finished the third of a series of Art and Writings titled "Just This." It is a Zen thing as we travel through our lives and realize, moment by moment, all that is, all that was or will be is "Just This."