Ryan B.

Toronto, ON Canada

Born in Toronto, ON Canada, Ryan grew up in the Northwest area of Toronto, known as Rexdale. From a tender age, he bore witness to many different changes within his once prosperous community. Quickly going from experiencing an upper-middle class lifestyle to living just above the poverty line, he took into account the many lessons that his experiences had to offer him.

Diagnosed at an early age with a genetic, incurable, possibly fatal illness, he became aware of his differences from his peers and almost allowed those thoughts to consume his mind. Also, as an only child, he had very few outlets to turn to. It is at this time, he began to formulate his thoughts into creative word play, which lead to him becoming a poet and author.

Ryan is the author of two other published books entitled, 'Twin Sentiments of Man' and 'The Sins of Twins'. Ryan has also been featured in Canada's first Black Anthology of Poets for his well-known poem "Histoically Present... Ghosts".

Books by Ryan B.