Gail Paulsen

Stanthorpe Queensland Australia

My name is Gail (Rashleigh) Paulsen I was born in Stanthorpe, My passion for photography has given me great joy , these photos bring sunshine to my life. I use photography as a means of self-expression I create each photo for myself. Every picture has a story, my camera is always by my side .

A collage is a work of art usually composed of three photos , I have total artistic control over my collage content and layout . Putting photos together can create a strong sense of location, emotion and make a bold statement.

My Creative Bubble Photos, I start with the photo I like and place the bubble within the photo , I then choose a second photo and place it on or near the bubble, it is then a creative process for the end results.

My Nature Photos are taken with joy in my heart

The Abandoned homes photo has become a passion a story to tell photos to keep and share

I hope you enjoy my Photography Art

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