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R. Randall Schroeder
Blurbarian Since April 2007
Name R. Randall Schroeder
My Web Site www.Musync.com www.QuirkySanFrancisco.com
Location San Francisco, CA
Gender Male
My Occupation Producer
My Bio Production is my life. I have been a producer since 1988, which includes owning a television production company and producing television programs for ABC, being one of the founders of two Web companies, and a music licensing company - Musync, as well as being a multimedia producer at Bluewave Communications.

My passions include unique, fun, upbeat music, interesting photographic images, memorable movies, clever jokes, modern fashion, unique fragrances, traveling to Europe, great food, creative, open-minded people, new technology, geeky science stuff, train trips, factory tours, metaphysics, tasty red wine, luxury travel and hanging out at a few favorite spots here in San Francisco and abroad.

Some of my favorite things has lead me to photo books, a meditation book the music licensing book (co-written by Seb Jarakian), and a few blogs, just for fun.

I love working on all my projects and never seem to tire of creating new and fun things to do, which I LOVE to share with others.

Things I Don't Mind The World Knowing

Spoiler alert: I'm thinking my next book will be about...
I've got several books coming - mostly photo books, which I love to create, starting with capturing images, narrowing them down to the best and then putting together a book that reflects the photos and the region.

Recently released - Music Licensing Insider's Guide, San Francisco After Dark and Paris After Dark - two collections of night photos.

Also available, my first book - Meditation Q&A, a practical guide to meditation that also helps answer questions from within.
Everyone needs to know about these authors and artists...
I love helping people shortcut their way to the best end result, hence Music Licensing Insider's Guide.

I also love photography books with little or no text. I don't think people need help with the story behind the images. It's more exciting to use the imagination. As a child, I loved magazines - the photos, not the stories so much. Life, Look, Saturday Evening Post, National Geographic and others with large engaging photos were my favorites. I still love magazines photos a lot.
This book is addictive. Read it. (At your own risk.)
Are you a musician looking to make money doing what you love? Then Music Licensing Insider's Guide is for you.

My photo books are collections of scenes I discover when I'm not looking for them. I carry my little Leica everywhere, and love to capture things that catch my eye - shots that are striking or worth lingering over for one reason or another - colors, lighting, contrast, reflections, symmetry or lack of it.