Richard ChauDavis

San Diego, CA USA

Richard ChauDavis graduated from the College of Creative Studies, UCSB, in 1979 with a BA in painting and drawing. Richard took up art photography. Initially Richard did focused shoots trailing a person through their day,
After moving to San Diego Richard created a ‘Dark Space’ set in his garage He showed resulting work mostly at SDAI. The Dark Space went through several permutations. Along the way were several regional shows at SDAI, a one person show, charity events, etc.
Eventually the darkroom was shutdown and the art went digital (thanks Vann). A one person show at Flazh!Alley in San Pedro. Current work has been shown locally at Ray Street, ‘The Art of Digital Show’, ‘UA Art Guild’, ‘The Garage’, ’ ‘Pajama Party’ with Laura Mappin', ‘Vacancy II’; ‘Vacancy 3, The Kitchen’; ‘I Caught You Peeking 2’ (Garage); Tainted Milk Project’; One Person Show at SDAI titled ‘Old, Tainted, Trashed and Recycled’; ArtGymsSD at Larry’s Garage and then at SDAI (with Roberta Kuntz).

Books by Richard ChauDavis