Justin Reddick

Canon City, CO

“For me, the process of making art is all about tapping into that vulnerable place inside and somehow turning that into a narrative; a visual diary of sorts that can help me grow as a person. I often rely solely on my impulses in order to fully engage the process, resulting in a rush of emotional improvisation. My crude application and loose use of materials allows me to stay clear of any sort of restrictive boundaries which in turn helps purify the process. Beyond my personal narratives, I find inspiration from my faith in God, my family and from others who have overcome trials through adversity."

- Justin S. Reddick


John Nicholas of Love. God. Children

"I was born in St. Augustine, FL. in 1956 raised on the beaches of the gold coast and steeped in the myths of the baby boomer. I'm the father of four magnificent children, Kyle, Ryan, Tyler, and daughter May (yes their names rhyme) children to whom much of my work is dedicated."

- John Nicholas

Books by Justin Reddick