Mark E Wilkins

Los Angeles, Ca

Mark E Wilkins, with an advanced degree in clinical hypnosis, is dedicated to unleashing the power of your mind, and advancing wealth and prosperity consciousness in your life to achieve Happiness, Joy, Abundance, and Self Realization of your innate powers and abilities that our God has bestowed on us.

Mark has a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnosis. Mark is an Advanced Certified Hypnotist and attained the advanced status of a Master Hypnotist. Mr. Wilkins is registered with the American Board of Hypnotherapy and is a member of The National Guild of Hypnotists, The International Hypnosis Federation and The National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists. He is also a member of the National Federation of Hypnotists 104 OPEIU AFL-CIO CLC.

Books by Mark E Wilkins