Al Calienes

Brooklyn New York USA

Al Calienes was born in Brooklyn New York. Al longed to create epic storybook adventures for children. One such series is that of a clown named Renaldo. Al had the idea in his mind to actually become the character of his storybook idea. He began his journey in the circus at the age of 26 with the Big Apple Circus, starting at the bottom rung of the ladder ushering patrons to there seats. After becoming a clown with the one ring wonder and being there for 8 years Al began teaching his new found skills at the Luna Stage Theater Co. Then went back to performing circus in Sea World in Florida, Circus Sarasota, The Royal Hanneford circus, The Garden Bros. Circus of Canada and Zippo's Circus of England. Now after 15 plus years in the circus he is currently teaching circus skills with the National Circus Project in New York and is ready to bring his stories to the world.

Books by Al Calienes