Renato Valterza

Torino, Italy

Stock, nature and travel photographer Renato Valterza grew up in Piedmont (Italy) with a love for the outdoors.
Renato first picked up a camera when he was fourteen and started in publishing his own pictures while completing a degree in engineering at the University of Torino.
Since the 80s he travelled extensively around the world documenting the vanishing nature of many countries such as Madagascar, Poland, Siberia etc..
Renato sees his fundamental role as a photographer both as a conservationist and an artist . As a conservationist he is a regular contributor of Piemonte Parchi (see the which is the best regional magazine in Italy devoted to parks and environment. His nearly 40 reportages and articles for the magazine have focused primarily on natural history and conservation effort in Italy.
As an artist, he uses the warm richly textured light in nature to capture on film intimate and often fleeting moments few of us can see.

Books by Renato Valterza