Richard Hasbrouck

Truchas, New Mexico, USA

Starting with 35-mm slides taken (many years ago) during a Naval Reserve cruise, my photography for the next 20 years mainly recorded family events and “pretty scenery,” to be viewed by family and friends. Moving from the East Coast to Northern California, I developed a passion for rock climbing and mountaineering. In 1975, motivated by the late Galen Rowell's presentation on climbing K-2 in the Karakoram Range, I signed up for a 36-day trek in Nepal. This, the first of many journeys out of the U.S. motivated me to become more serious about my photography. Now happily living amidst the dramatic beauty of Northern New Mexico, where artistic expression is so prevalent, I have been encouraged to share my images of our beautiful world by means of fine-art Giclée prints, and on the World Wide Web.

Books by Richard Hasbrouck