Rhea Pappas

Minneapolis, MN 55416

My name is Rhea and I am mostly Greek. I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and lived in the same house my entire life. When I was in High School I had a hard time finding the "right place" for me because I wanted higher education. So, I went to the Perpich Center for the Arts where I studied Vocal Performance. That same junior year in high school, I also started a business called Rhea Pappas Media. This business is still active and current today and has expanded and grown so much that when I get out of college, I expect to continue my love, photography. My senior year in high school is when I learned that Photography was "it". So, I tried out at Perpich for media arts and also PSEO at MCAD (the Minneapolis College of art and design). Perpich declined me and MCAD put me in junior level classes. It was like night and day. I was awarded the Scholastics one photo scholarship and will continue to educate myself until the spring of 09.