Richard T Skurla

Waco, TX, 76701

My goal as an artist is to constantly push my understanding of the medium in hopes of discovering newness in the process of creating art. As I create, I am always looking for new ideas and concepts that could be carried to the next generation of work. With this newly acquired knowledge, I can take additional risks leading to yet more discoveries, ideas and works. Much as these thoughts give me courage to venture into the undiscovered, I still look back at previous works for guidance on how to proceed.

My intent is to draw the viewer into the work in order to push their imagination and force them to relate to the image consciously and subconsciously. It is as if the work has gravity. It draws the eye ever closer. The viewer feels like there is something in the work that is drawing him or her to investigate it further. In an effort to encourage the viewer further, I title my works to help the viewer to relate to these works both in a spiritual and physical way.

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