Richard Carlton London


Ever walked down the street and observe for a brief moment an amazing reflection of a building in the window? Of course you have! We all have. But we seldom stop to take a closer look. That’s what I do as reflected in my artwork http://richardcarltonlondon.com and my books. I stop to observe, study and sometimes deconstruct the moment most of us see in a brief glance in our hurried days. I find stopping to look deeper can yield spectacular results. The resulting images range from straight up architectural appreciation to modern abstractions and fine art photography. My window reflections have come to define a new level of the pedestrian’s observation.

On the other hand, I have a nice portfolio of humorous books on Our Dear Leader, President Trump where I take his words, tweets and many spontaneous utterance and have some fun with them.

Gallery: http://richardcarltonlondon.com
And: http://ricklondon.com

Thanks in advance.

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