Rick Senley

London, England

Shortlisted for last year's Travel Photographer of the Year, I take pics of and write about everyone from villains to boxers, soldiers to whores, bullfighters, musicians and travelling gypsies. I hate celebrities and large dogs.
I have travelled across South America, Asia and Europe; from London to Hong Kong by boat, bus and train, I have been shot at in Georgia, molested in a Turkish bath and bitten by an insect in Australia.

I went to university in Italy, Leicester and Hungary and unsuccessfully tried to escape from a police station when working as a teacher in Greece.

I also won second prize (20p) in a village photography competition in Suffolk but the voting was allegedly rigged.

I am happiest when I am anywhere but London (a weekly complaint can be read here:http://www.london-ers.com/author/ricksenley), where I grew up and grew bored and where I am finishing two novels and producing my own music.

I can swear in Norwegian and own a zither.

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