Madrid Spain

My work is a good representation of who I am in the sense that every picture or song I write is directly linked to my life.I feel that aspect is what qualifies what to me what is "good" or "bad".The cosmos is the true judge of what survives.An artist really does not know if what he is doing is valid until others proclaim it so.It is a feeling game which requires instinct and determination.I have studied at some of the best schools in the country (pratt institute new york) and (corcoran) in Washington D.C. but everything I have been taught I have had to unlearn.In fact every rule I was taught in art school I try to break.As an art professor I have tried not create dependency and freedom
has been my guide.To explain the work in one word I would have to say the work is about fusion.Instead of a linear way of working I like to work organically like Mathew Barney works. Although our work is different I like to move from one thing to another. My photos are a a collaboration between musi