Rino Pizzi

Austin, Texas, USA

Starting at age 10, while growing up in Italy, fine art photographer Rino Pizzi learned his craft by trial and error – investing most of his pocket money in film and development.

He moved to the United States after completing his university degree in Political Science and serving a mandatory year as a draftee in the Italian Army. After nearly completing a doctoral degree in Film Studies, he pursued other careers, most recently as the Fulbright Program Advisor at the University of Texas. He travelled extensively all over the world and lived in Italy, the US and Japan.

Rino Pizzi's photographs are eclectic in nature, ranging from environmental portraits to abstract imagery. He works exclusively with digital technology, but with a nostalgic eye for the textures and richness of film. He devotes much time to post-production to reproduce as closely as possible the qualities of medium and large format B&W film prints.

Rino Pizzi is an Italian national, permanent resident of the US.

Books by Rino Pizzi