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Robert Katz
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Name Robert Katz
My Web Site http://www.robertkatzphotography.com
Location Albuquerque, New Mexico USA
Gender Male
My Occupation Photo Editor
My Bio My father began active duty in the Army in April 1941. In early 1944, he left the United States and was sent to Kunming, China. My father met my mother only ten days before he left for China. He began writing letters to her as soon as he departed from New York City. It is apparent from his writing that they fell in love despite the short amount of time they had together before he departed. Alison de Groot, Modern Memoirs, Inc. said the following regarding the book:
"A stunning book! Simplicity and poignancy go hand in hand in these intimate letters from "Morty" Katz to his girlfriend and wife-to-be, Sara. They cover Morty's journey from New York City to Kunming, China in the thick of WWII. Because only two letters exist from Sara back to Morty, the mystery lies in conjuring up the other half of the story. This book satisfies an appetite for WWII history as well as for the art of letter-writing and the beauty of courtship."

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